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      For this first release run of pants(12/12/21), we produced eight sizes, 2XS-3XL. We're looking forward to learning from this initial production run based on customer feedback and our own evolving goals and plan to improve and tweak patterns as and if needed, and offer more sizing options in 2022.

      Regarding inseam length: Both of these pant styles have a reasonably high rise(average 12-13”) to the top waist, and because of the elastic in the waistband all around on the Pull-on Pant and at the back of the Work Pant, they can easily be worn higher or lower. That said, the Pull-on Pant design at an average of 29" inseam will be more of a high-water pant for many of our tall friends if worn at the high waist position for sure, but this was also somewhat of a style choice.

      For quick reference, the Work Pant inseam varies between 31.5 and 32.5" through the sizes, with an inch hem at the bottom that helps to start a mean-looking roll cuff. In the future, we're thinking about making a more extended inseam version to go along with the standard inseam version.


      See the Sizing Guide

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